Testimonials for Coaching

“I worked with Sarah on professional development. We worked on strategic networking, board/committee memberships (both in-house and industry-wide), communication and influencing techniques. Sarah has a direct, no-nonsense approach, was encouraging and supportive. She really helped me to look at problems from a different perspective and identify new creative solutions.” 

S Palmer, Managing Director, Finance

“I run my own company and sometimes find it difficult to focus whilst keeping all the plates spinning that you need to. Sarah helped me to stay calm, prioritise, and devise strategies for short, medium, and long-term goals for both the direction of the company and myself as a person. Her perspective was invaluable.”  

M Turner, Director of Operations

I hired Sarah recently as I had a lot going on (including a new job, relocation, and profession exams) and was feeling overwhelmed. Sarah helped me to remain calm and keep perspective during this challenging time. We established clear priorities and goals, and devised an action plan. Sarah is very intuitive; in our sessions I felt totally ‘heard’ and understood. She’s also pragmatic, organised and kept me on track throughout. I would highly recommend her as a coach.

M Reynolds, In-house Counsel

Sarah’s value is her wealth of experience and her intelligent comments.  Her ability to focus on the issues that are most crucial to my aim and to offer constructive and actionable tools is impressive.  Since working with Sarah, my approach is more focussed, more professional and, most importantly, more successful.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone.”

LC, General Counsel


Testimonials for Hogan Assessments

“I worked with Sarah on a Hogan assessment and debrief and follow up coaching. The debrief was thought-provoking and helpful in terms of highlighting development areas that I could work on afterwards. Sarah’s trading floor background made it easy for us to talk without translating industry jargon, and in the coaching, she used examples and analogies that related to my role. I’d recommend Sarah to any senior managers who wish to invest in their personal development.”

J Wright, Partner, Hedge Fund

“I was keen to complete a Hogan Assessment to make sure my next career move is aligned with my strengths and value system. The assessment was straightforward – a simple online questionnaire. I particularly liked that the assessments are research-based, specific to a career context, and that the results show how others see you, not as you see yourself.

The debrief was insightful. It covered my personality style and motivators and preferences. I found the section on potential “derailers” – and their effect on both myself and my team – fascinating. During the session, Sarah gave me tangible strategies to prevent derailing, and I now know which areas to focus my leadership development on for maximum impact. I really enjoyed the session and would highly recommend Sarah to any City executives seeking leadership or career coaching.”

J Woodley, Head of Sales & Marketing


In adherence to the ICF code of ethics, we do not reveal the identities of our coaching clients or any information about them, unless they give permission. The testimonials and quotes on this site are from clients who have given their express consent.